RALEIGH, NC – Attorney General Josh Stein announced Tuesday that North Carolina will receive $18.6 million as a result of a lawsuit against Dish Network related to its violations of Do-Not-Call laws.

This is the largest do-not-call related penalty ever obtained.

The penalty comes after Colorado-based Dish Network Corp. was sued by North Carolina along with three other states and the federal goverment for, "Consistently looking the other way," while the company's marketing teams broke federal Do-Not-Call laws.

U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina Catherine C. Eagles ruled in May to triple the damages sought by the states based on the scope of the violations.

NC Attorney General Stein said in a statement Tuesday that, “The Do-Not-Call registry was created to prevent this type of aggressive telemarketing."

In total, Dish Network will pay $168 million to the federal government and $112 million total to North Carolina, California, Illinois and Ohio.

Do Not Call complaints accounted for 5,076 of the 19,865 complaints filed with the Consumer Protection Division in 2014.

A portion of the $18.6 million received by North Carolina will go to North Carolina schools.