LAKE LURE, N.C. -- Parts of Chimney Rock State Park, including the rock itself, have reopened after the massive Party Rock Fire shut down the area.

Firefighters say the fire is 70 percent contained, but more work needs to be done.

The concern for firefighters is leaves falling from trees onto hotspots in the ground, which could ignite a fire.

"If something gets across the containment line, then we get a spot fire," Firefighter Mike White said. "If we get the right conditions, we can be off to the races chasing it again."

He, other firefighters on the ground and firefighters in helicopters are using thermal imaging cameras to detect and put out hotspots.

"You don't want to get too confident because then you let your guard down," White said. "That's when you'll get caught."

Firefighters expect the fire to be 100 percent contained by December.