CHIMNEY ROCK, N.C. -- Firefighter are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel with the Party Rock Fire 85 percent contained and forecasted rain.

Their efforts have begun to focus on ensuring that fire lines drawn during the past three weeks will not contribute to erosion or water quality issues.

"We have two days of work to get this buttoned up and make things ready for the rain," Incident Commander Link Smith told firefighters Sunday morning. "So let's sprint to the finish and leave things in good shape for the residents and the forest service."

The fire information center says that crews are still actively working and that the burned area still contains many hazards.

"Falling leaves contributed to several areas of 're-burn' yesterday and smoke was visible inside the fire lines," the center's release said.

Due to these hazards, those in the area are asked to stay on paved roads, out of the burned area, and to move out of the way for emergency traffic.

Local volunteers, such as the North Carolina Baptist Men's Convention, will be taking down its field kitchen Sunday. The Lake Lure Inn will be stepping up to provide meals Sunday evening, the release said.

Party Rock information can be found on INCIWEB or on the Town of Lake Lure website.