CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Local community gathered at an east Charlotte barbershop for a peace rally to promote unity Sunday evening.

As dancing, bouncy houses and even an opportunity for people to apply for jobs. NBC Charlotte anchor Fred Shropshire was there to introduce some of the acts.

The event was organized by Shaun Corbett, a friend of David Lindsey, the popular barber who was found fatally shot in his car last month. Corbett says the hope today is to encourage the community to become more active in stopping the violence.

This is quite a deadly year so far for Charlotte. With 49 homicides, so far this year, compared to last year this time there were 22. On Sunday, the owner of the Da Lucky Spot Barbershop wanted to do something to bring the community together to talk about what residents can do to make the streets safer.

Some of the conversations include hosting peace rallies, planning more events for the youth and peacefully resolving conflicts and promoting unity.

“Events like this allow us to fellowship, we’ve gotten away from the fellowship," Corbett said. "Outside the church, the barbershop is the number one place where people from all different walks of life can come together and fellowship. So I felt like it was a no-brainer and it should start here.”