GASTONIA, N.C. - The family of two people accused of killing a man in broad daylight outside a Gastonia plasma center are concerned for their family members' wellness.

Adrian Curry and his nephew Jumarian Curry are charged with murdering Demetrius Wheeling last Thursday outside Gastonia's KEDPlasma center after a dispute over a pair of hair clippers.

Michael Dunovant is Adrian Curry's brother and Jumarian Curry's uncle. He said the murder charges are out of character for them.

"They don't need to be found guilty before they actually go to trial," Dunovant said. "Everyone's treating them like they're already guilty, and that's not the case."

Their family attorney has advised them not to discuss details of the case, but the family said both Adrian and Jumarian Curry have documented histories of mental illness.

They worry both men are unable to comprehend the gravity of their charges.

Both men will be back in court later this month for a probable cause hearing if a grand jury declines to indict them.