CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Residents in Plaza Midwood are looking for answers as a murder mystery continues.

Katie Jones, 26, was shot and killed earlier this month as she walked home.

A proposal to create an armed neighborhood watching is causing some controversy.

“I think there should be a lookout just in case someone gets hurt again,” Lashonda Arnold said.

“I still do walk a good bit but people are like, ‘Do you need an Uber ride? Are you going to be okay?’ And I’m like you can’t live in fear,” Gabrielle Wolfe explained.

The Oct. 9 murder of Jones is putting safety in the forefront of residents’ minds.

They don’t want to lose another Plaza Midwood neighbor to violence.

“We just wanted to see where we stood in terms of getting justice for that young lady and make sure we’re doing everything we can to make the neighborhood safe,” said Monica Zotos.

One suggestion that is causing a lot of controversy is one resident’s proposal to create an armed neighborhood watch.

“I personally do not like it. It’s one thing for friends to ask if you need a ride. It’s another for some random person, like that would kind of jar me more than walking home undisturbed,” said Wolfe.

“I do think after the incident we should have a neighborhood watch to monitor the area,” said Arnold.

As police continue to follow leads in Katie’s murder they said violent crime and property crime, despite a few recent break-ins, are down.

Police said the murder of Katie Jones is an active ongoing investigation. They continue to urge anyone with information to come forward.