CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Family and friends of Katie Jones, the slain Plaza Midwood woman, gathered at a benefit concert in her honor Tuesday.

It was held at Snug Harbor just off Central Avenue.

With the comfort of her family standing behind her, Jevona Livingston shared memories of her daughter Katie.

“We called her "Katie Did" because she did everything. She was full of life. She had more life in the 26 years that she had than most 80-year-olds,” Jevona Livingston said.

Katie’s young life was cut short early Saturday morning in Plaza Midwood when she was fatally shot as she walked home.

It is a murder haunting residents who live in the neighborhood, especially family and friends who knew and loved her.

“You want to know what happened in her last moments. You want to jump in her skin if you will and try and understand and protect,” Livingston said.

Jones' mother said police haven't shared many details about the investigation and pleaded for any witnesses to come forward.

“I'm begging anyone to come out and just let us know anything. You never know what could be important,” she said.

She also urged everyone to live their life to the fullest, just like Katie.

“She would want her sisters’ message carried on to love one another. There's not a tomorrow sometimes,” Livingston explained.

A GoFundMe page has raised $13,000 for funeral arrangements.

A memorial for Katie will be this Saturday at 1 o’clock at her house on Hawthorne Lane.