CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The weekend marked the anniversary of the end of slavery in America.

Commonly called "Juneteenth," the culture and history of African Americans took center stage in Plaza Midwood, as Charlotte celebrated its 20th Juneteenth celebration.

and The culture and history of Africa took center stage in Plaza Midwood with Charlotte's 20th Juneteenth celebration.

The multi-cultural festival included education, entertainment and a Wellness Village.

Participants say June 19, 1865 -- the day that news reached Texas about the end of slavery -- is a day all Americans should celebrate, not just African Americans.

"It's a part of history and it's important to know your history no matter what race you are," said Juneteenth vendor Alvin Scott, Jr. "It's American history and American history is important to all children."

As part of Charlotte's Juneteenth celebration, one deserving teen earned a full scholarship to St. Augustine College, worth $80,000.