CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Frustration is piling up in Plaza Midwood after a group of homeowners say pet owners are regularly not cleaning up after their dogs.  Now a survey is circulating online to put dog waste stations in more communities.

For some people in Plaza Midwood -- the poop problems are beginning to *really pile up.

"It's the worst," said dog owner Marissa Boyle.

Boyle has lived in Plaza Midwood for years, but now she's starting to make a stench.

Boyle is unhappy after finding steaming mounds of dog poop in her front yard.  Even while talking to NBC Charlotte, she spotted a few piles.

"I mean if you step three feet behind you, you'd get mess on your shoes," Boyle told NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton.

Now neighbors are forced, in some parts, to watch their every step.

Option one is for residents to clean up after their dog.  The second option is for more dog waste stations.

There is a survey online to have more waste stations placed around Plaza Midwood.  It's getting mixed reviews. 

"I love it I want more waste stations," Boyle said.

"She done her duty and I've done mine," said Richard Mattson of picking up after his dog.

Mattson walks through the area pretty often.  He, on the other hand, hasn't noticed the foul play, but still thinks option number two is a good one.

"I think they'd be very helpful," he said of the waste stations.

The person behind the survey is still trying to figure out where to have the waste stations placed and how to pay for them.