CHARLOTTE, NC -- The presidential candidates are focusing their efforts on North Carolina as the clock hits less than 24 hours until Election Day.

The start of the week draws an enormous number of politicians into the Tar Heel state. Trump, Clinton and Pence will be in Raleigh, Kaine will be in Charlotte and Wilmington and Bill Clinton will make a stop in Greensboro.

Election events were also held in North Carolina all weekend long.

A "Get Out the Vote" concert featuring Jon Bon Jovi drew hundreds in Uptown Sunday night.

“The polls suggest North Carolina is a toss-up state,” Bon Jovi told the crowd. “And that the road to the white house leads right through North Carolina. Believe me when I say every one of your votes really matters on Tuesday.”

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence held a campaign event in Hickory over the weekend.

While the presidential candidates are vying for the key battleground state, the outcome may already have been determined.

42 percent of voters in Mecklenburg county already submitted their ballots ahead of Election Day. 17,000 people in the county headed to the polls Saturday, on the final day of early voting, breaking a record for North Carolina with more than three million votes cast.

But the true and final test will come Tuesday.

“Tell your family, friends, business associates how critical it is that they get out and vote,” Roy Cooper urged the crowd at Sunday’s concert.