CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There are no televisions, no sports jerseys on the wall and no loud music to shout over.

Dot Dot Dot is set to open Tuesday. The hard-to-find place is offering classic cocktails from an era that harkens back to a time when getting together to toast the good life meant looking at the person while talking.

"We only seat 87 people," said Stefan Huebner, Partner and co-owner. "This is a more sophisticated style of conversation."

Dot Dot Dot is a private club hidden away on the back lot of the Park Road Shopping Center. To get inside, you have to be a member, which costs $10 a year. Management says so far roughly 1500 people have signed up.

"The City's Cocktail Culture has grown significantly and it's really the time for Dot Dot Dot," said General manager Stephen Toth. "Everything is just coming together."

Premium Drinks will range from $12 to $14, as will small plates to share. Huebner believes Charlotte will appreciate the experience of Dot Dot Dot and the service of his staff, he says, will help the place to grow.

"At the end of the day it's not about us, it's about taking care of you guys."