CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- One of the oldest church congregations in Mecklenburg County celebrated its 250th anniversary Sunday.

Providence Presbyterian Church started before the American Revolution in 1767 down Providence Road near what is currently I-485.

The first services were nothing more than a preacher standing on a rock formation at a nearby spring. The church moved across the road to its current building in 1858, before the Civil War.

The pastor says the 10 years after that war were a time of great change for the church.

"One of those shifts was in the way of thinking," says Senior Pastor Walt McCanless. "They began school that served the white settlers and also served the slaves. They sought to teach these folks how to read and write, to make sure they had the knowledge as they entered into their new freedom."



For the significant anniversary, church members opened a time capsule from 1988 and began a new one, as well as sewed 250 dresses for little girls for their missions in Africa.