WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- It's not every day that a car crashes through the roof, yes, the roof, of a house.

On Friday police say a woman was driving down Beth Avenue when she passed out, sped through an intersection, hit an embankment and flew through the air before landing in the living room of a house on Konnoak Drive.

First responders showed up shortly after but before they did Sterling Jessup stepped in to help.

"I ran in the house I didn’t know what else to do," he said in a Facebook video he taped right after the crash.

Sterling was driving down the street when he saw the car flying through the air. He immediately pulled over and rushed to the house to help. He says he broke the front window and began pulling people out of the house. Then he went to the car and started to comfort the driver.

"I was just making sure everyone was alright," he said.

His brother, Span, came just minutes after.

"He’s fearless and he basically tried to assist somebody when they were in need," he said. "Plus the fact that how often do you see a car in front of you fly over a house? This is not Dukes of Hazard."

The home was a place for autistic adults. Six guests lived there and the center, ResCare, employed ten people. None of them were hurt and they are staying at another house in Winston-Salem.

The driver was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. No word yet on how she is doing. Sterling said she did not realize what happened when he spoke to her immediately after.

"He just happened to be the guardian angel so to speak, at that moment," Span said.

Even after all of this, Sterling doesn't want any recognition.

"I’m not looking for nobody to saw superhero or none of that, I don’t want none of that, I was just driving down the street and seen something happen and I would hope they would do the same for me."