CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Repeated vandalism is taking a financial toll on a youth sports league in Mint Hill.

The local athletic association says it appears someone used chemicals on the soccer field to spell out obscenities. It’s among a string of vandalism at the same park, including an arson last year.

NBC Charlotte spoke to the soccer coach about their efforts to fend off the vandals.

Keenan Harward, Soccer Commissioner for the Mint Hill Athletic Association, says they installed video surveillance after the arson last year, but it hasn’t stopped the private park from being a target for vandalism.

“It’s because if you look right now, there’s nobody here,” says Harward.

Harward says while no one was watching someone vandalized the soccer field.

“Poured chemicals on the grass,” says Harward. “It looks like obscenities. “

Now, Harward has a message of his own.

“You’re taking away from the kids, in the long run, you’re taking the fields away from the kids,” says Harward.

He says it’s not the first time for vandalism at the Mint Hill Athletic Association. Photos over the past few weeks show a base from the field on a shelter roof and a Porta Potty on its side.

“We’ve started locking our gates,” says Harward.

Last year, police investigated an arson at the field house which caused thousands of dollars in damage.

“We have installed some video cameras, we actually asked police to up their surveillance out here,” says Harward.

Now, the non-profit is potentially forced to cough up another $1,000.

“I think somebody knows who did it,” says Harward.

He hopes whoever is responsible will come forward. Their new goal is getting the damage to the field repaired.

Mint Hill police say they were not able to identify any suspects in the arson from last year.