Scored filed by Mecklenburg County Health Department for the week ending February 21. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Taco Bell. Grade 99.5. 106 N. Statesville Rd. (Feb. 20)

Edible Arrangements. Grade 99.5. 16610 W. Catawba Ave. (Feb 20)

Little Village Grill. Grade 99.5. 710 W. Trade St. (Feb. 21)

Bottom 3

Levant Mediterranean Grill. Grade 86.5. 501 S. Church St. Infractions include: No active managerial control over proper cooling or sanitization. (Feb. 21)

Zoewee's Restaurant. Grade 87. 4112 N. Tryon St. Infractions include: Fish on counter at 63; greens in dining room at 68. Cold food should be held at or below 45 degrees. (Feb. 20)

Tokyo Grill & Buffet. Grade 87. 8215 University City Blvd. Infractions include: Seaweed and other products such as salmon and tuna out of temperature at the sushi station. (Feb. 17)


Bojangles'. Grade 92. 310 E. Trade St. (Feb. 17)