CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- I hope your turkey and pie is well digested, because it’s time to tell you about this week’s restaurant report card food violations. And they’re not pretty!

First up this week, Slices on Park Road.

A lot of their equipment was dirty, the person in charge told the inspector the slicer was so dirty with old food debris because it hadn't been used in years.

Sausage, ham and pizza sauce had no dates, so it’s hard to tell how old it is or if it’s still safe to eat. And, their food processor…was being stored in the bathroom. Their grade here at Slices pizza? An 84, a mid “B”.

China Max had issues too, they’re on Carolina Place Parkway. They had hand washing violations, and they were storing their WD-40 on the ice machine.

They had a contamination violation, some of their food was being kept outside, and on this day, it was raining. Their grade? An 84.5, a “B”…but since then, they’ve been re-inspected, their new grade, a 93.5, which is an “A”.

Last up, the Metropolitan Café and Catering on Brevard in Uptown. Their eggplant salad was labeled October 27…it was tossed out.

The inspector found the place in disrepair and dirty. Ceiling tiles were missing, and fans had caked on dust and dirt and there was a mold like build up on the front of the ice bin. Their grade here? An 86.5, a mid “B”.

As always, you can check your favorite places to eat inside the WCNC mobile app, we link you right to the health department inspection reports.