CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A very popular uptown restaurant is on this week’s restaurant report card.

An inspector for the Mecklenburg County Health Department noted that several employees at Blackfinn Ameripub washed their hands then touched the faucets with their bare hands. They were also dinged for their chicken wings on ice, which were above 45 degrees.
Their slaw, lettuce and tomatoes were also too warm and that was a repeat violation. Also, their crab dip and meatloaf weren’t being cooled properly or fast enough. Their grade was a 91.5, a low A.

Another uptown spot also had issues. The Essex Bar and Bistro on South Tryon had fruit flies near the produce, and some of the tomato sauce in the cooler was dated October 20. It was tossed out, but the inspector also noted their cooler wasn’t working properly and some of the food inside had to be thrown away. Their grad was an 85.5, a mid-level B.

And finally, the Cottage II Restaurant on Ashley Road. They had cabbage held above 45 degrees. In fact, everything in their cooler was above 45 degrees and it was all tossed out. Their ready-to-eat chicken and egg rolls were made several days before and had no date on them. Their grade was an 87.5, a mid-level B.