Fonda La Taquiza

Inside, we took note of their grade.

Within seconds of spotting we learned they're not fans of the restaurant report card and we got tossed out.

"You want us to leave?"

But we've been here before, and not that long ago. They were cited this time for cracks in the walls, something that was noted before and that we saw with our own eyes when they let us through last time.

The health inspector this time also noted too many "pests" in the facility, and their walk in cooler compressor was frozen up and not working, so the food got warm and had to be thrown out.

Their grade again here? An 84.5, which is a mid B.

Whole Foods at Waverly

The other repeat offender this week, the Whole Foods at Waverly on Providence.

On inspection day, they found potatoes and the breakfast burritos were holding below 135 degrees. The law says hot food has to be held above that temperature in order to be safe to eat.

They had a hand-washing violation here and their cheddar grits were out too long, the law says after 4 hours it has to be tossed out…the grits were still out 17 minutes beyond that. It's also a repeat violation.

Their grade here at this whole foods location? An 87.5 which is a B.

Anntony's Caribbean Café

Last up this week, Anntony's Caribbean Café.

They had hand-washing violations, roaches in the kitchen near the food prep table, and the inspector saw utensils being washed in "very dirty and brown" water.

Their grade here? An 85, a B.