Scored filed by Mecklenburg County Health Department for the week ending February 28. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Publix Seafood. Grade 100. 8315 Magnolia Estates Dr. (Feb. 24)

BJ's Membership Club Foodcourt. Grade 99.5. 900 Metropolitan Ave. (Feb. 27)

Food Lion Produce. Grade 99.5. 706 Gilead Rd. (Feb. 22)

Bottom 3

Chicken King #2. Grade 81.5. 1740 W. Trade St. Infractions include: Raw eggs stored over fish. (Feb. 28)

Los Dos Hermanos. Grade 84.5. 409 W. Craighead Rd. Infractions include: Raw meat stored over beer and lettuce. (Feb. 23)

Taqueria El Burrito Express. Grade 84.5. 6927 Albemarle Rd. Infractions include: Cooked beef, re fried beans and salsa all made the day before holding above 45 degrees. Cold food must be held at or below 45 degrees. (Feb. 23)


Pho Ngon. Grade 95. 2215 Ayrsley Town Blvd. (Feb. 22)

Cottage Restaurant. Grade 92. 1704 Harris Houston Rd. (Feb. 28)