CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Is remembering to wash your hands so hard?

It seems to be a problem in many of Charlotte’s restaurants in this week’s food inspection reports provided by the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

The first establishment on this week’s report is Buca di Beppo in Pineville. The popular family Italian restaurant didn’t have a large number of violations, but what was there will raise eyebrows. Some of the marinara sauce sat all night and rose to 83 degrees, which means it had to be thrown in the trash.

The biggest violation? About 340 pounds of pasta was thrown out after sitting above 45 degrees, too. And the health inspector found meatballs that had no date on them to indicate how old they were. Buca di Beppo scored a 90.5, a low A grade.

The Light Rail Family Restaurant on South Boulevard also had a bad inspection day.

The inspector saw an employee wash his gloves instead of his heads. And the person in charge was seen touching toast and bacon with bar hands, which is never allowed for any food. And the chicken salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, and gravy had to be thrown out because the time and temperature window had passed.

Their score? An 81.5, which is a low B. They were re-inspected on October 3, scoring a 93.5.

Last this week is Toast of Davidson. The inspector there saw dirty dishes in the hand sink. The ice machine was found to have a buildup and this location is having trouble maintaining cold temperatures on their food. The grade for Toast was 91, that’s a low A.