Scored filed by Mecklenburg County Health Department for the week ending March 21. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Food Lion Market. Grade 100. 3009 The Plaza. (March 16)

Food Lion Produce. Grade 99.5. 6275 Wilson Grove Rd. (March 17)

Food Lion Meat & Seafood. Grade 99.5. 6275 Wilson Grove Rd. (March 17)

Bottom 3

Chicken King #2. Grade 75.5. 1740 W. Trade St. Infractions include: Raw fish and raw pork stored over ready to eat chicken wings (March 21).

Wild East Pan Asian Bistro. Grade 86. 6420 Carmel Rd. Infractions include: Sushi employees saving used sushi gloves for more than one use with food debris on them (March 21).

Ruby Tuesday. Grade 87. 12330 Johnston Rd. Infractions include: A large amount of equipment/utensils with food debris (March 21).