CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A popular high-end grocery store in south Charlotte once again finds itself on the Restaurant Report Card, and if you're going to shop there for the holidays, you might be very interested in what the health inspector found.

Fresh Market on Pineville-Matthews Road is on this week's report. The inspector found rotisserie chicken wraps made the day before were being held above 45 degrees, and the flip-top unit that was holding turkey and gravy was holding above 70 degrees. All of it was tossed out. And the mashed potatoes and chicken salad were all too warm.

If food is being sold chilled, it must be below 45 degrees. Fresh Market received a 90, which is still an A, but it's the lowest possible A. Click here to view Fresh Market's complete inspection report.

The Miro Spanish Grille in Ballantyne also made the list this week. They had marinara sauce eight degrees too warm. The potatoes, two containers of pasta eggplant and boiled eggs were all too warm, too. All of those items were thrown away.

Also, the crab, the eggplant, the salsa, pico de gallo and some pasta weren't date marked because they ran out of labels. All food must be marked so you know how old it is and if it's still safe to eat. The score at Miro Spanish Grille? A 90, which is a low A. Click here to view Miro Spanish Grille's complete inspection report.

And finally, the Tsuki Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar. The inspector found hand washing violations and noticed the staff was thawing raw chicken and raw shrimp too close. And, employees were seen touching raw foods and then touching ready-to-eat cherries, but no one washed in between and that's mandatory. Their grade? An 86.5, which is a mid-level B. Click here to view Tsuki's complete inspection report.