CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Some popular uptown restaurants are on this week’s Restaurant Report Card.

First up is the Rock Bottom Brewery, where they scored a 90, the lowest possible A rating. The inspector dinged them for food not being below 45 degrees in their cooler. Regulations say cold foods must be below 45 degrees and hot foods must be kept above 135 degrees to be safe to eat.
Some of the chicken had no date on it, and that was tossed out, too. Also, some of their condiments in the storage room and in the food line didn’t have lids, which is a contamination issue.

Click here to read Rock Bottom's health inspection report

Next up is the Factory Café on Music Factory Boulevard. The inspector found a can of tomato paste partially open on a storage shelf and it had mold and “other growth” around the opening. There was a large container of sugar without a lid and no soap at the handwashing sink.
The grade at Factory Café was an 86, a mid-level B.

Click here to read Factory Cafe's health inspection report

Finally is The Asian Wok on Park Road. The inspector saw a kitchen employee grab a dirty rag with bare hands and not wash. The bathroom didn’t have disposable towels, and in the freezer, raw meats and eggs were being stored with other foods – those have to be stored separately. Their grade? A 90, the lowest possible A.

Click here to read The Asian Wok's health inspection report