CHARLOTTE, N.C. - With reactions pouring in from elected officials over former FBI Director James Comey's testimony in front of Congress today, North Carolina Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) brought Comey's credibility into question.

"If there was anything Mr. Trump was trying to do to interfere with the investigation, he should have come forward then, and he did not," Pittenger told NBC Charlotte late Thursday night. "So I think he's got some issues in terms of credibility."

The comments come amongst a heavily-divided reaction to the testimony over whether or not Comey's words could keep President Donald Trump in hot water over his firing of the FBI-head.

North Carolina GOP Chairman Robin Hayes also released a statement following the mania on Capitol Hill, echoing congressman Pittenger and many other republicans' views:

"President Trump did not hinder investigations in any way, but James Comey's personal vendetta against our president is definitely doing so."

The national debate continues as to whether Comey's leaking of his own personal memos crossed information-sharing lines, as well as whether the president's actions constitute a justifiable case for obstruction of justice.