ROCK HILL, S.C. - Rock Hill is seeing a spike in ID theft as violent crimes decrease, a stark contrast to Charlotte, where the concern is all about violence.

Wednesday night, a couple visiting the Queen City from out of town were robbed and raped at gunpoint.

The 19-year-old suspect was arrested just two hours later, but the horrific crime seems to be yet another blow to people’s sense of security, especially following a deadly Memorial Day weekend.

However, travel 30 minutes south to Rock Hill, and crime is down almost across the board.

New statistics show that reported homicides, robberies, rapes and burglaries are all down this calendar year.

But, there was one crime that is skyrocketing in 2017: fraud.

In Rock Hill, credit and debit fraud is up nearly 50 percent, and ID theft is up 66 percent.

So far, there is no identified reasoning as to why the spike in fraud has occurred in Rock Hill.

Charlotte police did not immediately have ID and card theft data available, but numbers of reported homicides, robberies, and burglaries are all up significantly in 2017.