ROCK HILL, S.C. For the second time in less than a week, a marijuana plant was found growing in a popular botanical garden in Rock Hill.

Wednesday, gardeners at Glencairn Garden found the marijuana plant growing in a flower pot, left beside other plants.

“People who grow marijuana for their own use, they have to fertilize it and give it good care,” said Mark Bolinger, spokesperson for the Rock Hill Police Department.” Maybe they think the gardeners at Glencarin will.”

This is the second time this week employees found the 'Mary Jane' at Glencarin Garden. Rock Hill police say the plant was about 2 inches tall and had no buds or seeds.

So far they have no leads on who the green thumb culprit may be.

“We discover marijuana plants about half a dozen a year. We usually take them turn it over to investigation and destroy them,” said Bolinger.

This incident is sprouting a concern among parents who often let their children roam around the garden.

“We do come out here frequently, I would hate for my children to run across it.”

If police catch the person whose planting the marijuana, they could be facing simple possession charges.
The max penalty is one year in prison.