ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Scary story out of Rock Hill, several bullets flying into the home of an elderly couple Tuesday night as they were sleeping in their beds.

This happened on Autumn Breeze Court, not too far from Winthrop University.

“This came through the wall to the door, that one come through the door, the homeowner told NBC Charlotte’s Billie Jean Shaw. “That hit directly through the dresser. We were in bed sleeping.”

The homeowner says at least seven bullets went through the garage door into the couples’ room just inches away from the bed they were sleeping in.

“I was a little bit nervous. Thank you to God nothing happened and we’re still alive.”

Rock Hill Police say they believe the shooting was intentional but think the gunmen met to aim at another home. Surprisingly, the homeowners say they have no hard feelings toward the shooters.

“I hope the people who did that know they got the wrong house because we are the old folks that don’t harm anybody. We forgive them.”