ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A convicted serial peeping Tom back on the streets in Rock Hill.

Travis Cousar bonded out of jail Saturday after being arrested on Friday from a case back in April.

“What do I of to get some type of comfort to feel relief in my house knowing this man is out of jail,” said the victim. “I can’t even open my blinds in my house anymore.”

Rock Hill police arrested Cousar after the victim says she found him looking into her home back in April.
He was released on a $35,000 bond.

“I’m more angry with the system more than him.”

Cousar has already been convicted five times on peeping Tom charges, leaving his victims worried.

“How can he get out jail that soon,” said the victim

NBC Charlotte checked into those questions and the answer is simple, it’s the law.

If guilty of a peeping charge in South Carolina, the law states a person must not be fined no more than $500 or imprisoned no more than three years.

That means even though Cousar has a history of looking in on unsuspecting women, if convicted again there is a possibility he can just pay a fine and won’t have to serve any time.

“The laws should be changed so victims like me can be protected, there’s really no justice.”