CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Snake sightings are on the rise and animal experts say keep your eyes peeled. That's the big warning from wildlife experts for anyone getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather.

"Because we've had a mild winter with degrees consistently over 60 degrees the snakes are out," said Allen Eckman, CEO of A-1 Wildlife Control.

Pictures of snakes are piling up on social media. That includes a picture sent to NBC Charlotte from A-All Animal Control. The photo shows a snake's stomach after it just ate a chipmunk.

Eckman, a snake expert at A-1 Wildlife Control says he's already seen a surge in snake calls.

A little more than month ago, in south Charlotte, a family's dog was attacked by a baby copperhead.  

"We heard Maple our miniature schnauzer start crying," said Sarah Johnson, a south Charlotte resident. "We didn't find out unfortunately until about 10-12 hours later that it was a copperhead."

The copperhead was hiding in the pine needles when it struck outside their house.

"They're family so it's hard," said Johnson.

Eckman says stories like these should serve as a warning. From a woman's dashboard to a dishwasher, snakes can pop up virtually anywhere, including a Lowe's home improvement store. Last year a man was shopping for his wife in the garden center when he was bitten by a copperhead snake.

Ahead of Easter weekend knowing that families will be out enjoying the holiday, Eckman has this advice: "For the garden areas where people go in and get in there with their hoses and stuff like that for Easter eggs, check that area."