CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A south Charlotte mother is asking other parents to be alert after she says her 10-year-old son was approached by a stranger on the way home from the bus stop.

Jennifer Evans’ son was walking home with his friend Monday afternoon in their Park Crossing neighborhood when a woman in a black four-door sedan pulled up and rolled down the window.

“She said ‘hey, do you want to take a ride?’ or ‘do you want a ride?’” Evans says.

The boys refused the ride and kept walking, Evans says, but another adult in the area saw the exchange and immediately ran over.

“She said she was alarmed, like, it was frightening,” Evans says.

The suspicious woman didn’t leave right away; instead, she drove down to the end of the cul-de-sac and sat for several minutes before driving off.

“That kinda sends up the red flags that, 'okay, this isn’t normal, this isn’t a neighbor trying to be helpful,'” Evans says.

Evans says when her son got home, he immediately told her what happened. Evans decided to call police. By the time officers arrived, the woman was nowhere to be found.

She described the suspicious person as a white woman with brown hair, who appeared to be middle-aged.

Evans posted the encounter to Nextdoor and alerted her neighborhood association. She says her son is now afraid to walk home from school, so, for the foreseeable future, she’ll be walking with him.

She is using the scare as a teaching moment and hopes other parents will do the same.

“That’s why you have talks with your kids,” Evans says. “You know that this kind of thing happens, it can happen in any neighborhood. Unfortunately, it happened in ours and that’s unsettling and scary.”