CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Greater Charlotte branch of the SPCA is asking for donations to help pay for the surgery of one puppy needs after being hit by a car that is in need of surgery.

The branch posted pictures and an 'emergency help needed' post on its Facebook page Friday describing what the donations would go towards.

According to medical X-rays from the SPCA described in the Facebook post, the puppy was revealed to have pelvic damage, a hip fracture, and a completely dislocated femur.

The cost of the surgery is expected to be around $2,000. According to an update on the post, they have already raised the 50% of the funds needed to commit to the surgery for the puppy, but donations are still needed for the rest of the cost.

The surgery is described as a femoral head ostectomy, and is scheduled to take place on Monday

The post says that one donor will be selected at random to be offered to name the puppy.

To make a donation, the SPCA says you can visit their donation page here.