CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Water reports crews responded to a wastewater overflow near the 2800 block of O'Hara Drive on Saturday.

Officials say an estimated 1,200 gallons of wastewater reached a tributary of Steele Creek in the Catawba River Watershed. The overflow was caused by a grease blockage.

“A majority of wastewater overflows can be prevented with your help,” said Cam Coley of Charlotte Water.

“Anything put in plumbing or a manhole can cause wastewater overflows, spilling raw sewage into your street, your creek or even inside your own home. Even products labeled as ‘flushable’ do not breakdown in the sewer system and can contribute to clogging.”

How You Can Help:
· Toss in the trash: paper towels, wipes, hair, cotton swabs, feminine products, dental floss, coffee grounds, and excess food.
· Toss in the toilet: only toilet paper.
· Drain in the sink: soap suds, small amounts of foods from plate, and liquids.
· Take to a full-service recycling center: used and expired oils and grease.