CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Two Charlotte-Mecklenburg middle school students are collecting unwanted, non-perishable food items during lunch time inside Alexander Graham Middle School.

So far just over 100 pounds of food have been donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.

"One day my friend didn't have her lunch, so we all gave her a little bit of ours." said Co-Founder of 'Kids that Can,' Jane Starling. "It makes me feel like I'm doing a difference and stuff."

Soon, Jane Starling and best friend Reagan Patterson started thinking about others without enough to eat every day at lunch. The two founded, "Kids that Can," a food drive project helping the Second Harvest Food Bank.

"It's really fun to give back to the community." added best friend Reagan Patterson. "You feel really good about yourself after you do it."

Reagan and Jane simply walk around the lunchroom, any classmate who wants to give can drop the item in the box.

Jane's Mom, Debbi Starling isn't surprised by the girl's efforts.

"They really have generous hearts. When they started we did not realize that they were going every single day and collecting the food on their own and when we took it the first time it was 46 pounds."

Reagan's Mom, Britta Perkio, says the girls are inspiring others to take that first step to help others in need.

"I think it really goes to show that one person can make a difference. What they're doing does not take a lot of money."

Kids that Can hopes to expand their project to other schools next year.