MATTHEWS, N.C. -- About 100 people gathered at Matthews' Stumptown Park on Saturday afternoon to show their support for President Donald Trump.

It was one of several similar rallies being held throughout the country, as supporters showed their pride for President Trump's actions despite criticism from opponents.

In Matthews, there was a small group of anti-President Trump supporters outside the park's fence that were holding signs critical of the president.

The debate between the protesters and supporters got heated at times, but Matthews Police said there were no incidents of violence.

David Badgley is a President Trump supporter who attended the rally.

"Trump has already done a lot of good things," Badgley said. "We know our one son is serving in the Army, where he has [been] for the last 15 years. He has already -- just in the month or so since Trump's been in office -- seen morale go up."