CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A suspect threatens “war” on an elementary school and now police are investigating.

Police reports show threatening videos were posted on several social media sites targeting Reedy Creek Elementary School.

Now, the school is stepping up security patrols because of the threats. NBC Charlotte spoke with one parent who didn't hear about the situation.

The words “war” and elementary school usually only go together in books. However, a police report shows a known suspect threatening war on Reedy Creek Elementary School through videos posted on social media sites.

“On an elementary school, which is crazy,” says parent, Tia House.

House is now scared for her seven-year-old son.

“I don’t like the thought of it, I am kind of scared of sending him back to school since, I’ve not heard it and they haven’t sent anything home telling me about it,” says House.

The suspect also said there would be “blood on the streets,” according to police. Officers responded to the threats on Monday.

The school is also now stepping up security patrols.The assistant principal sending a letter to families reading in part, “The adults making the threats are not associated with Reedy Creek. Students and staff have been safe and instruction has been continuing as normal.”

“I’ve never heard of any problems on this side, so when I heard it I was (in) shock,” says House.

She now plans to call the school to see what is going on, but she wishes they would have contacted her earlier.

“I’m kind of upset I haven’t gotten a note or letter from the school because you stopped and told me and I haven’t heard anything of it,” says House.

No charges have been filed in the case. It’s an ongoing investigation.