The opening night of the 18th annual, "Taste of Charlotte" was a big hit.

Live music roared as a vast array of smells filled the uptown air.

Vendors from some of the Queen City's finest restaurants set up booths.

Of course, with thousands of people on hand, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department had an active presence.

"Charlotte's finest on every corner," remarked one vendor.

Captain Demetria Faulkner-Welch says the department doesn't call "Taste of Charlotte" an "extraordinary event" that would require more attention than usual, but certain precautions are in place.

"We have the officers with the [assault] rifles but that's not just because of the event but due to the things that are happening across the world."

Safety is CMPD's chief concern and Captain Faulkner-Welch says assault rifles reinforce that.

"This is just a norm for us, wanting people to come, have a good time and stay safe."