MATTHEWS, N.C. -- Drug abuse is growing among charlotte teens.

Already this year, 138 people have overdosed on heroin -- 10 of them died.

Instead of heading to the homecoming football game or hitting the movies -- more and more of Charlotte-area teenagers are turning to drugs.

Butler High School senior student Zach McKinstry said the school's biggest problem has been access to pot.

"That's what we see mostly at our schools," McKinstry said. "Other area schools like Providence or Audrey Kell are using heroin and more expensive drugs and it's a danger to our community."

"A lot of times we'll smell weed coming from the bathrooms," said Butler senior Kathryn Jackson.

Jordan Mahoney, Butler senior, said students are one cell phone call away from getting their hands on some marijuana.

"I don't know where they get it from but everyone seeems to have it.

William Scannell lost his son, Emmitt, to heroin overdose in April. His son, who was an honors student, never gave the elder Scannell reasons to worry prior to Emmitt's death.

That's why he says parents must talk to their young children and teenagers about drugs.

Butler's "Dream Team," a group made up of 10 senior varsity athletes committed to being drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free, are working to see those startling statistics decline.

"We get involved with the community, the local elementary schools and especially the students here at our high school," said Butler senior Matt Dundorf.