CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Dog walking, dog sitting, around the clock potty breaks or cuddling on the couch just to keep your pup company, Kate Wolff's built a booming business pampering the pets of some of the Queen City's most notable residents.

Wolff started "K8's K-9 Club" three and a half years ago after a master’s degree in social work left her with more school debt than job offers.

Wolff said, "I did spend some time looking for a job in the social work field and found a dog walking job in the meantime and then it was immediate. I was like this is what I'm doing for the rest of my life. Built my own company and the rest is history."

Wolff makes entrepreneurship sound simple but looking at her day-to- day schedule tells a different story.

K8's K-9 Club doesn't have hours of operation. There's no down time and holidays and weekends don't exist.

Between Wolff, her partner Tami and her four employees, someone is always available to care for the needs of their 300 member client list.

"The point of a pet sitting company is to be available to your clients 24/7, 365," said Wolff adding, " it's okay that it's 24/7 because it's awesome."