CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Most successful criminals are notorious for being "quick on their feet," but the thieves who hit the DSW Shoe Warehouse on South Boulevard showed a different hand -- by pretending to be handicapped.

According to a police report obtained by NBC Charlotte, two suspects stole three pairs of Nikes, valued at $179, by "placing the items underneath the legs of the suspect who was in a wheelchair."

A store employee confirmed the report and said that the thief was seen standing and grabbing the shoe boxes, which puts a "handicap" in question.

"There's tough times out here but it's pretty shocking to see people take things that don't belong to you," said Al Wallace, who was out doing some afternoon shopping

DSW Shoe Warehouse employees weren't allowed to go on camera, but they say the thieves were gone in a swoosh.

"I'm assuming a couple of Nikes could buy a week's worth of groceries," said Claudia Schuler, another shopper.

CMPD says no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.