CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A local developer has been targeted several times by thieves stealing appliances from new homes.

Two nearly complete houses in an Accent Homes Carolinas subdivision in University City area were broken into in the early Thursday morning. The developer says this is the second time one of the homes was burglarized and the appliances stolen.

This time, crooks got away with stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers valued at more than $3,000 according to a spokesperson from Accent Homes.

"With this brand new community, we want to make sure it stays good and pristine," said Ashley Burke, a resident of the sub-divsion.

Burke moved into her home six months ago. However, she says her community is still only two-thirds complete. Several of the houses near her are either vacant or under construction.

"The streets are very dark at night, we tend to stay inside," she said. "It's worrisome, we don't have a neighborhood watch up yet, I'm not even sure how well the police know this area since it is so new."

After this incident, Burke says she will be on the lookout to make sure her neighbors to be, won't have their homes on the market for criminals.

"That is our goal, to make sure we have a good crime watch and also make sure we are a part of the HOA and keep it a safe community because that's what we want here, that's what all of our neighbors want," she declared.

Accent Homes says they are considering extra security measures which include portable security systems in new homes and disabling or removing parts of appliances to make them inoperable.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact CMPD.