LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. - Starting this weekend there will be changes in several state taxes across South Carolina. One of them includes the state gas tax, which will increase starting Saturday.

“I drive 100 miles a day but so does my mom and friends,” one driver told NBC Charlotte.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers agreed to increase the gas tax from 16 to 28 cents over the next six years, all to pay for roads. It goes into effect Saturday, July 1.

The good news is you can get some of your money back, but only if you save your receipts.

“We want to know how many gallons of gas that you are buying,” said Hartley Powell, director of the SC Department of Revenue. “We want to know the maintenance cost.”

The gas tax rebate only applies to people who live and work in South Carolina. Powell says save your receipts for gas or routine car maintenance, on up to two car, beginning in January. That’s when the new tax year begins.

“There will be a formula and it’s going to tell you the amount of refund on the cars,” said Powell.

So while there’s a chance of saving on a tank of gas, it won’t be the same for those buying a new a car. Also starting Saturday, the state vehicle tax will increase by $200 dollars on cars costing $6,000 or more. The vehicle tax will increase from $300 to $500.

“I was going to buy a car within the next week,” said Damon Roper. “ I didn’t know it was going to be an increase.”

The increase from the vehicle tax also going to SC roads. SCDOT says one of the first projects crews will work on is repairing deadly roads in rural area.