CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Senator Thom Tillis was released from a Washington, DC hospital Wednesday afternoon after he collapsed hours earlier while taking part in a race for charity.

Tillis returned to his Senate office and taped a message that was posted on YouTube, saying he was OK and thanking people who stopped to help him.

After Tillis collapsed, three people went over to help him and started CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Debra Alfarone, a reporter for WUSA-TV was at the race and saw the three men help Tillis.

"If those three men were not there, Senator Tillis, he wouldn't be with us."

Reaction from Republicans and Democrats was swift in coming.

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper said, "My thoughts and prayers are with Senator Tillis and his family."

Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger from Charlotte said in a statement, "I am praying Senator Tillis makes a full recovery.

Tillis blamed the incident on the sweltering DC heat, saying he became dehydrated.

John Stoup from MEDIC in Charlotte said everyone should be aware of the symptoms from being overheated, including the feeling of being light headed and feeling weak.

"You are probably sweating profusely or you stop sweating at some point. When you get to the point when you stop sweating, it's extremely dangerous," he said.

Stoup said if you have to exercise or work outside, try to do it early in the morning or in the very late afternoon when the sun is not so hot.

He added, "The biggest thing is really stay hydrated. You sweat a lot when its hot and if you get dehydrated thats when you start running into the risk of heat stroke."