DAVIDSON, N.C. -- Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine tried some fried chicken from Charlotte's SouthEnd before holding a rally at Davidson College.

Hillary Clinton's running mate talked about Donald Trump's apology to women, immigration and the importance of winning in North Carolina.

Tim Kaine arrived at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. From there, his motorcade took him to the SouthEnd where he did what so many locals and visitors do: stopped for fried Chicken at Prices' Chicken Coop.

"We got a big crew and everybody said this is the spot," Senator Kaine said.

From there it was on to Davidson College and a late afternoon rally.

"If we win North Carolina, we will be victorious November 8 and you can help us make that happen."

Kaine quickly turned to Donald Trump, saying Trump's explanation of his demeaning remarks about women as being nothing more than locker room talk just doesn't fly.

"I don't think that's what men do. I don't think that's locker room talk. It's abusive."

Kaine said he and Clinton would reform immigration and not make America a deportation nation.

"Hillary doesn't believe in trashing immigrants or women or Muslims.

Kaine scoffed at Trump's claim that he paid a questionable amount of taxes because his was smart, saying taxes are what supports teachers and the military.

"Don't tell me you are going to be a great president for the vets when you have been stiffing vets your entire life."

Kaine concluded by urging everyone to register to vote and then to vote, saying North Carolina is going to be key to winning the White House.