CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A strange twist in an already unusual case: Police say the alleged victim in a hatchet attack is also the suspect in a sex assault on a child and the FBI is investigating a possible hate crime.

Even detectives admit this case has taken a lot of turns.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Lieutenant Tom Barry told reporters, “I'll bring you up to speed as clearly as I can to work though this."

Police say Destiny Dagraca, Daijon Tanner and a third suspect, a 15-year-old, robbed and attacked Derrick Horton at a west Charlotte park with a hatchet.

Destiny aDagrac
Dajion Tanner

“The suspects stabbed and cut Horton several times with the hatchet causing non-life threatening injuries."Police believe the hatchet attack was in response to a sexual assault; investigators say the 15-year-old suspect in the hatchet attack old told them Horton assaulted him hours before he and two friends came back with the hatchet.“Detectives determined Horton and the juvenile engaged in a sex act prior to the assault,” Lieutenant Barry said.Police say Horton legally identifies as a man on his license, but sources say Horton lives as a transgendered woman, and police confirm the FBI is investigating and is likely to determine if this was a hate crime.“They’re continuing to monitor the cases as we go forward."CMPD detectives traveled to Ohio to interview and arrest Horton. Horton is in a Cincinnati Jail until extradition back to Charlotte.