CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A newly released federal report shows UNC Charlotte ranks among the highest nationwide as far as number of reported rapes on college campuses.

Sophomore Sophia Hardensteine didn’t like what we had to tell her.

“That’s really scary,” she said.

A new report shows that with 32 reported rapes on the UNCC campus, the school ranks tenth nationally as having the highest number.

“It makes me uncomfortable, but that’s really surprising. I really have never heard of any rapes here,” the sophomore said.

“I know how bad college campus can be, so it’s not a huge shocker; it’s unfortunate,” said senior Kat Bentley.

NBC Charlotte looked closely at the numbers, and here’s what we found: In 2012, there were five reported rapes on the UNCC campus; in 2013, three. In 2014 that number jumps to 32. UNCC officials say that’s because of a campus-wide mission to help students feel comfortable reporting sexual assaults.

Bentle told NBC Charlotte, “I absolutely think reporting is super important. I don’t think it’s encouraged enough, I think there’s a huge stigma when you admit that it’s happened to you.”

“I hope people would say something and not keep it in for other people’s safety, too,” Hardensteine added.

It’s interesting to note also in that top 10 were several ivy league schools including Brown and Harvard University.