UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Sitting with his son looking through photographs, Garland Denny has plenty to show for all his hard work on behalf of veterans.

"I want to do something to help them. Nobody should go to war without making preparations to take care of veterans when they get home," Denny said.

There are photographs with presidents, governors, senators, and others. He has given the same message to all of them.

"I told every president, President Carter and all of them, the number one thing that people should do when people get to Washington is to put veterans first," Denny said.

His son, Charles Denny, is the founder of The American Veteran Foundation. Together, the father and son are working to Stamp-Out PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The goal of the foundation is have the government issue a stamp for everyday Americans to buy. The money raised would be given to several veteran organizations in an effort to treat veterans, and help their families.

"Every time we turn around we go somewhere and we tell somebody what we're doing the first question that normally comes up is 'Why hasn't this been done?'" Charles Denny said. "It's like a no-brainer."

On Tuesday, Garland Denny was in uptown Charlotte to speak to President Barack Obama. Denny says the president thanked him for his service, and gave Denny a very special presidential challenge coin. The kind that only the president can give.

Last summer Garland and Charles Denny were inside the White House working on their plan. They said they have the support of the president, the Post Office, and others, yet nothing has moved forward. The gridlock of Washington D.C. frustrates Charles.

"We should come together now, more than any other time. We should quit fighting among us, come together, and show people we appreciate the sacrifice that Vets made for us," Charles Denny said.

Garland Denny believes there is no time to waste.

"There are so many veterans coming back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that is what the money for this stamp is supposed to go. We were in Washington, on June 6th last year. The Post Office agreed with it, and the President agreed with it, Mr. Pittenger's person went with us, Ms. Hagan's person went with us and they all agreed to issue the stamp. They haven't done anything. We need to ask these politicians when are they going get started." Denny said.

Charles Denny shares his sense of urgency.

"The last time we had talked, with Congressman's Robert Pittenger's Office, they were waiting on a meeting with the Department of Defense. We can't find out what happened with that," said Charles Denny. "We went out and created a foundation that started helping people because we got frustrated with waiting on them to go ahead and put this out there. It's amazing in the time in the time we're trying to tell them, and show them this is a great way Americans can show Veterans that, we the people, care."

The American Veteran Foundation plans to cap their overhead at 12% when the time comes. To learn more, click over to www.veteranstamp.com. After the success of the stamps, Garland Denny plans on issuing coins, and savings bonds to raise money to help Veterans.