CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- CATS showed off the progress made on the Blue Line extension Wednesday, putting a train on the tracks in University City.

"I seen it coming through, it felt good to see it," said Chubz Covington with Touch of Precision Barber Shop.

His shops is located on North Tryon where the Blue Line extension has been under constructions since 2013.

"A lot of clients complain about the traffic, but they still come through," he said.

However, seeing the train moving through University City, made Covington stop in his tracks.

"It's been so long, I thought it never was going to come," he said. "I can't wait, it's going to be real convenient for the clients that don't drive."

The light rail wasn't carrying passengers. Instead, it was undergoing testing of the communication system. Crews moved the train a hundred feet or so, then stopped to check if signals were operational.

"Our team has put in years of work to get to this stage," said Jill Brimm, Project Manger of the Blue Line Extension. Initially set to roll out in August, the extension is now set for a 2018 arrival.

"We are of course looking for opportunities to move the schedule ahead, but March 2018 we're definitely going to make that schedule," she said. "It's just a beginning step, but we're very excited because it is a good visual for all the people of Charlotte to show how the project is progressing."

Testing is expected to continue throughout the week. CATS urges drivers and pedestrians in the University City area to be on the look out for trains and down gates during the testing process.