CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Another company is making sure consumer packages aren’t stolen from porches this holiday season.

UPS is now offering to keep packages safe and secure until people can get to them. They’re called UPS Access Points and 30 of them are now open in the Charlotte area.

If UPS can’t leave a package in a safe location on the first attempt, drivers will then take the package to the closest UPS Access Point. Instead of a package sitting out on a porch, it’s being held securely usually within a few miles.

“We’re swamped,” Total Office Services owner Joe Guerrero said. “Everybody is swamped with packages and the porch pirates know this.”

UPS alone expects to deliver 750 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

Guerrero’s store serves as a UPS Access Point.

“You either want convenience or security,” Guerrero said. “It’s getting to the point where you can’t have both anymore.”

Sure, it’s less convenient to pick up a package at a store, but shippers are struggling to outwit the package thieves. Amazon has introduced Amazon Lockers here in Charlotte, and now UPS Access Points offer the same selling points. They both want to provide security as conveniently as possible.

“You’ll see the little sticky note from UPS on the door saying that their package was attempted delivery and not it is at this location,” Guerrero said.

When the recipient goes to the Access Point, they’ll be required to show photo ID to get their package.

“Any of the security measures beats the hassle of just having something stolen from your porch,” Guerrero said. “It’s really an invasion of privacy.”

Consumers can sign up for UPS My Choice, and it allows them to give drivers specific instructions on where to leave a package. They can also have their packages re-routed directly to an Access Point so there’s no risk of leaving it on a porch.