CHARLOTTE, N.C. – NBC Charlotte is following new developments after a couple was robbed and raped in uptown Charlotte.

Police say a man and woman were viciously attacked while walking back to their hotel on East Martin Luther King Boulevard.

A short time later, 19-year-old Tevin Williams was arrested for the crime not far away in uptown.

Police are crediting the victims for giving a detailed description of the suspect, which allowed them to make a quick arrest. However, other visitors in uptown are now being extra cautious.

For first time visitor, Marissa Greer, there’s new reason to be cautious in the Queen City.

“It’s horrible, I wouldn’t stay out late at night in Charlotte,” says Greer.

She arrived in Charlotte last night within hours of the horrific crime. Police say an out of town couple was confronted by a gunman while walking back to their hotel on East Martin Luther King Boulevard.

“The suspect then forced the victims into a side alleyway area, where he bound the male victim, sexually assaulted the female victim, and then robbed them of their property before he fled the scene,” says Captain Dave Johnson with CMPD.

“I would never think a couple like me walking around with my husband something would happen, me walking alone as a woman is when I would be scared,” says Greer.

The 45-year-old woman and 36-year-old man were able to make it to a hotel, call 911, and provide a detailed description of the suspect.

Within a couple hours, Williams was arrested on Trade and Tryon streets. Williams, who police say is possibly homeless, faces 10 charges. Those include two counts of first-degree rape, kidnapping and armed robbery.

“As you see, he has serious charges, and we’re hopeful he will be locked away for a long time,” says Captain Johnson.

Meanwhile, Greer is letting loved ones know where she is at all times even during the day.

“I got GPS on my phone so my husband knows where I am,” says Greer.

Police say Williams has a history of committing robberies and was just recently released from prison. They say the gun he used was recently stolen from a vehicle.