HOUSTON – It's been all over social media the last 48 hours!

The viral video of a United passenger getting pulled off a flight has been everywhere, but now it's spawned a whole series of reactions online!

Some are more official-looking than others, so we wanted to verify are other brands actually trolling United?

You may have seen an image pop up in your feed that says, “Southwest... we beat the competition. Not you.”

It looks real, too. Right logo, right fonts. Just real enough to make you wonder, and don't forget some brands have gotten snarky lately!

During United's leggings fiasco, Delta said leggings were allowed on their planes, and we've seen Wendys and other brands go after competitors.

So KHOU 11 News did some digging; here are our sources.

We went back through all of Southwest's official social media posts. No sign of that image.

But maybe someone sent it, and then quickly deleted it? So we went to their communications team, too.

The response we got was pretty cut and dry.

A Southwest spokesperson named Rachel Barry said, “Any logo tied to this particular event is not official and was not produced by Southwest Airlines.”

So we're calling this one a well done Photoshop job, but definitely a fake!